Alberta Insurance Company Destroys The Life Of An Innocent Victim

Alberta Insurance Company Destroys The Life Of An Innocent Victim Is it possible to be an innocent victim of a car accident and end up owing money rather than being compensated for the accident? Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens […]

SEO Marketing Mistakes and Learning from them

SEO Marketing Mistakes I had recently realized, and now have decided it was time to fix them and #learn some more from them. I visited Michael J. Schiemer from My Frugal Business[dot]com today, spent some time reading and getting other […]

New Life in Tucker Tek

New Life in Tucker Tek is here and we are not going anywhere just yet! We have officially started our road trip to increasing awareness on Tucker Tek and some of the changes that are coming. New Life in Tucker […]

What you do to Educate Potential Clients

What you do to Educate Potential Clients! Don’t just talk until your blue in the face, give them some proof of what your telling them. Send them to at least 3 different sources, tell them to read the content and […]

What you need to know about SSL

What you Need to Know About SSL (Secure Socket Layer)! What you need to know about SSL! If you have any type of form submission process on your website, you are taking a chance in having your website blocked in […]

Inspiration Video to Watch

Inspiration Video to Watch, by Tim Minchin, Comedian, Live to Learn! I have watched a great deal of video’s on personal growth, and if there was ever one that touches home, it would be this one. Inspirational Video to Watch! […]

New Tucker Tek Updates

Welcome to the New Official Tucker Tek Tucker Tek Inc. has finally launched their new websites for their Tucker Tek Blog  | Tucker Tek Store  | Tucker Tek Website, all secure and doing business. It has been a while since […]

Relevant Linking Part-II

The more I think about the relevant linking out there and the changes taking place with SEO, it is no wonder people are skeptical with who they work worth to manage their SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Advertising. For instance, […]

Relevant Linking

July 12, 2017 I recently had someone talk to me about their SEO services and what they wanted to accomplish. However, before we got to talking about what I may be able to do for him, he conveniently asked me […]

KPIs for SEO: measuring SEO success

Wondering what metrics you should use to demonstrate value to your clients? Columnist Marcus Miller shares some of the most useful KPIs in terms of connecting SEO outcomes to business objectives. Measuring your results is a critical component of any […]