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New Tucker Tek Updates

Welcome to the New Official Tucker Tek

Tucker Tek Inc. has finally launched their new websites for their Tucker Tek Blog  | Tucker Tek Store  | Tucker Tek Website, all secure and doing business. It has been a while since our last post and we hope our viewers can see we have been working hard!

Our Store is seeing some advertising right now, doing some test marketing, selling products with a complete integration of eCommerce too. Our primary domain is moving along too, with some additional advertising be applied to it as well.

We are quite happy with the direction we are going right now, we have attracted some nice attention, we’re bringing in clients. Tucker Tek will be offering up some education through trial and error on SEO and Affiliate marketing too. So stay in touch with our newsletters and our blog, there is a lot coming down the pipe that is pointing to success!

SOON, we will be offering a complete list of services, geared towards SEO, Backlinks, SMM, Advertising products and more. So please, whoever may visit any one of our sites, subscribe to stay up to date with whats happening as we bring in some guest writers, posters and more to help further your education and entertain you.

What I can say today, our new client Premium Financial seems very happy with the direction we are going. Their website and lead generation campaign are being kept under budget. The program in place for him is cost-efficient, effective and economically sound. Over the next few months, we will release some more information and results.

Tucker Tek Inc. does not want to sell you a false promise, we want to deliver results and not the high overhead that others may seem to think you need. If our customers have the opportunity to lower their advertising costs, using our services and methodologies, it is a win-win scenario! We use White Hat Marketing Techniques!

If anyone would like to see what Tucker Tek can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

As always, it is my pleasure to offer you some insights into what we do and how we can help you too.


Here are two of the products we are offering up with great deals

CurationSoft – for all your Automated Content Needs

Tucker Tek - CurationSoft

ProfitsGram – Make Money on Instagram just for posting Pictures

Tucker Tek - ProfitsGram

Calgary and Area Businesses Local SEO Special 3-Month Contract


BTW, please share this post if you agree with keeping your budget down while still seeing great results with sustainability!


Tom Cullen
President & CEO
Tucker Tek Inc.

Prior to founding Tucker Tek, Tom served clients as both Principal Technologist and Business Development Architect in diverse business sectors that included; Courier/Transportation industry, Building Construction, Online bid sites for independent programmers, Online Business Directories, ISP Development, Hosting and Gaming sites.

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