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SEO Marketing Mistakes and Learning from them

SEO Marketing Mistakes

I had recently realized, and now have decided it was time to fix them and #learn some more from them.

I visited Michael J. Schiemer from My Frugal Business[dot]com today, spent some time reading and getting other points of view with regards to my marketing efforts. WOW is all I can say.

I have broken a few cardinal rules in marketing and it has left me in “awe”. I have been doing this business for so long, I forgot to capitalize on the obvious, which is a digital environment, guest blogging, backlinks, etc. You see, I preach it, understand it, and seem to be quite good at it too. HOWEVER, I do not use it myself and I have no excuse. So for all those people who have read my posts, blogs, visited my store and much more; I apologize whole heartily.

So today, rather than shoot myself in the foot some more, I am requesting blog service and product support from those that are willing to help me turn it around. To me, this is a positive move, not a negative one. I am holding my head up high and diving in, learning from my mistakes, scrapping all the negative thoughts and people that are negative around me! New leaf coming out!!

This is not a Free for All frenzy though, this has to be bootstrapped in most aggressive way! I will return favors, posts, writings, reading and I would even through in hosting if need be.

I was so impressed with what I read on Michael Schiemer blog in the amount of guest posts I saw, and outreach. So if I may Michael – Very Well Done! It was inspiring and energized me to no end. I hope to read more over time, look forward to new posts, while trying to build my blog, DA and PA up to where it should be.


Tom Cullen
Tucker Tek Inc.

Prior to founding Tucker Tek, Tom served clients as both Principal Technologist and Business Development Architect in diverse business sectors that included; Courier/Transportation industry, Building Construction, Online bid sites for independent programmers, Online Business Directories, ISP Development, Hosting and Gaming sites.

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