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Relevant Linking Part-II

The more I think about the relevant linking out there and the changes taking place with SEO, it is no wonder people are skeptical with who they work worth to manage their SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Advertising.

For instance, if an Ad campaign is managed properly, the agent can deliver the SEO services simultaneously and be in sync with delivering the results most desired by their clients. When an SEO company is hired, and they are not managing the Ad spend at the same time there can be some confusion simply through communication breakdown.

I know, allot of companies will treat advertising as a completely different entity and will not risk getting overwhelmed in order to deliver good results to their client. This does not mean they should also handle the Ad design, but they can certainly play a huge role in the relevance of the Ad and where it is being linked while keeping the cost down for the client.

I made some phone calls recently just to do some of my own research and find out more about how people go about SEO, Advertising, and Design. What I found out I am going to share, but I cannot use any companies names for sake of privacy and respect for the companies I had contacted. However, they are very big companies who do have a huge Ad-Spend budget; but Nobody seems to know anything:

  • Q: May I ask, who handles your SEO services?
  • A: I really don’t know, perhaps someone out of our Head office.
  • Q: Is there a contact name of someone I can talk to at your Head Office?
  • A: Hmm, let me check for you, pause (10Min), yes, ask for IT.
  • -D’oh

I proceeded to call their Head Office and ask for their IT department and right away I was transferred to the IT Department, great I thought, now we’re getting somewhere. I spoke to the project manager, whom I was told to ask for and asked some questions:

  • Q: Hello Sir, how are your SEO services going for you?
  • A: Not too bad, but I really don’t manage the SEO services, we hire it out to an independent company.
  • Q: Ok, great, can I ask you then, who handles your Advertising spend dollars for the Internet and Digital Media?
  • A: Well, our advertising has nothing to do with me, that is a completely different department and I am pretty sure they also work with the SEO company too, but I am not sure. There is a little confusion between me/you as to who does what anymore because we’re getting so big, I don’t even know when stuff goes out until the day before.
  • Q: Really, that seems rather strange, but I guess that is progress hey? Do you mind if I ask a couple more quick questions, as I am trying to do a little research for myself to find out more about the connection between SEO, Advertising, and Design?
  • A: Sure, but please make them quick as I am getting really busy.
  • Q: Of course, thank you for your time so far, you have been great. Do you know if your Advertising department actually hires the SEO Company, and buys the advertising after the SEO is completed, based on recommendations from the SEO company?
  • A: Hmm, I can’t say for sure as to how it works up there. But I know they hired another company recently to go out and buy their advertising and gave them the budget they were willing to spend. Don’t quote me on this, but I am pretty sure it has caused some issues because the Ad buyers were trying to tell the SEO company where they were going to buy space because it was the best way to stretch the dollar and the SEO company had to make some changes.
  • Q: So I am pretty sure that these changes have hurt the overall budget, wouldn’t you say?
  • A: Don’t even get me started. I am making changes daily to the website, modifying content that I spent a long time on based on the marketing departments request. And now, I am billing more hours, which is great for me but bad for the company budget – apparently! For what I thought was going to be a 3-6 month plan, has turned into a nightmare and we’re now into almost a year and were still no closer to where we were supposed to be.

I thought to myself, is this really what happens to Big business, where they have more money than brains. So it is my humble opinion, that the more you delegate and outsource your requirements, which used to be the thing to do in order to save money spent on federal taxes for right offs, and plausible accountability.

So it is my humble opinion, that the more you delegate and outsource your requirements, which used to be the thing to do in order to save money spent on federal taxes, and of course, plausible accountability. HIRE an SEO firm to do it all, design the Ads if you want, but DON’T split the 2 (Ad-Spend and SEO) up. You just might get better results in the end!! Afterall, the SEO firm will research your keywords, provide a competitive analysis, and some may even provide a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) Analysis for you like Tucker Tek would do within one of their service contracts.

However, to sum this post up in hopes that you have read it so far, it may have been a poke to hire my company to handle your SEO services, but realistically, folks, it makes a great deal of sense to provide heads up to your SEO company as to how much you want to spend in the end for advertising so the SEO company can provide a better strategic direction with optimizing your site(s) and landing pages, create better backlinks within budget that are relevant to your desired results.  not just

Everyone wants to be number one in the search engines, but if you create relevant backlinks in the first place within a given budget, the search engine optimization makes more sense and will eventually result in better generic searches too!

Thank you all for your read!

Tom Cullen, President / CEO

Prior to founding Tucker Tek, Tom served clients as both Principal Technologist and Business Development Architect in diverse business sectors that included; Courier/Transportation industry, Building Construction, Online bid sites for independent programmers, Online Business Directories, ISP Development, Hosting and Gaming sites.

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