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Request for 100K visitors 30 days

I had to respond to a customer today that wanted to increase his visitors by 100K within 30 days, I almost cringed when he said he only had $250 to spend so I had to bite my tongue, and not really tell him how crazy he was.

Instead, I assumed he was rather ignorant to Internet marketing and wanted to get allot for free. So I told him, given your budget, I will not guarantee you 100k new visitors for your website within 30 days, that is an impossible task, without literally spamming the internet in hopes that people will come and visit. This is something I refuse to do for anyone, no matter what their budget is.

However, I told him, I will put you on the right track to acquiring your new visitors and I will start with providing:

  •  Baseline SEO Audit and Report – Thoroughly audit and document existing rankings, link profile, internet presence, and social media.
  • Website Audit – Conduct a thorough review of your website to determine your current site’s strengths and weaknesses and identify potential challenges.
  • Produce a Competetive Analysis – Learn about your company, competitors, customers, and target demographic.
  • Start my Hotlink Program – I will start developing backlinks to your website that are relevant to the services you offer, design some Ads for your company in order to develop some A/B Testing using relative networks that already have the traffic you desire using the CPM model. When we have reached the Ad that delivers the best CTR, I will recommend more aggressive networks that will cost more money to advertise in, but you would then have qualified visitors that may become clients too.

So my post herein also includes a couple of questions to other SEO/SEM companies:

Q1: Do you think I have offered too much for this client?

Q2: Have I delivered the necessary information to show trust and compassion towards his business?

Thank you for your patronage, I look forward to any/all comments.

Prior to founding Tucker Tek, Tom served clients as both Principal Technologist and Business Development Architect in diverse business sectors that included; Courier/Transportation industry, Building Construction, Online bid sites for independent programmers, Online Business Directories, ISP Development, Hosting and Gaming sites.

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