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Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry

Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry

Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry, how would you compare the two? Below, you will find my personal opinion on both, so read on with caution, it may surprise you.

Cryptocurrency – the market no one would have believed

How is it that a cryptocurrency like the Bitcoin, can gain so much exposure and create a market value? Could this potentially become the public-stock, or currency, that could make or break the status quo in the economy?

You can’t touch it, feel it, or even bring it to your bank and negotiate with it. I don’t understand the logic behind it for many reasons. In fact, I would almost compare it to the BREx scenario many years ago, with the difference being, BREx was supposedly mining gold, a worldly sourced mineral. Yet, it was fake results from their analysis that determined the fate of BREx, which again, was something that you could not touch or feel.

By thinking of the mentality of others, if you hype something up enough, you can assume it carries some value. So it doesn’t matter if you can touch it or feel it today, the bandwagon suggests there has to be some sort of value to it. Today, people can buy it or trade it. Stumped yet? Because I am!

Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry

At least with mining for gold, there is a clear case of gold fever coming into play when you find it. What type of fever do you think will you be subject too when you have found Bitcoins?  Will you have an “AI” epiphany or something?

If I were to buy Cryptocurrency today, I would purchase it in my currency and receive the conversion rate accordingly. So how is it different than purchasing anything online with a different currency? If I go to a website that sells their product/service is USD and I pay in CAD, I will be still be paying the conversion rate. The same would be if I were to use any other currency to make my purchase.

So really, the fact that people believe it will become the International currency for digital transactions does not set it apart from current eCommerce platforms. You will always still have a conversion rate is my point!

Cannabis Industry – the market no one would have believed

The Cannabis Industry 25 years ago, was considered absolutely bad business and if you were involved in it, your professional career was gone. These were Ignorant people who did not understand it, so it had to be bad for you. I understand for some, that it may slow their thought patterns down sometimes. For others though, it simply improved any disposition they may have had.

Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry

For others, however, it actually improved their thought process and made them more successful by using it. But because of the bad rap, it received, without any data to support it, people made it illegal. More to the point, Governments decided it had to be deemed a criminal offense if you used it, sold it, grew it or otherwise.

Cannabis Industry in itself was not even considered to be a legitimate market for the future, certainly not as a revenue stream. Yet, there was enough data created that would suggest otherwise, but the politicians and government officials had chosen to keep the research hidden.

By adding it as a revenue stream 25 years ago, getting involved and policing it, would have cut the crime rate to half, in my humble opinion. Granted, there are a lot of violent crimes going on, even today, that has nothing to do with Cannabis or Marijuana. But perhaps, if those violent offenders had been smoking it, they may not have committed the crimes!

Today, Governments are finally seeing the benefits that worried them so much. Their ignorance got the best of them, ignorance within our society in general. Politicians were more worried about what their own constituencies would think if they jumped on the bandwagon to endorse Cannabis. It was bad, so no one wanted to tip the scales and be the first one to endorse it.

The Comparison

Anyway, getting off topic a bit here, so let’s get into the actual comparison between the two industries -the market no one would have believed! If people from around the world were properly educated, economic factors would be a lot different today.

Today, sustainability of the Cannabis Industry is such, that you can touch and feel it, may not be able to go to the bank with it, but it is a commodity now. In retrospect, it has always been one, but only as of late, has it become a Government endorsed one, for the most part.

Brief Market Comparison for Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Industry

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So tell us now, what your thoughts might be regarding Cryptocurrency VS Cannabis Industry! Feel free to share this post and make your own comments accordingly.


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