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Advertising Concepts

Advertising Concepts and when you should choose your Advertising Channel

Advertising Concepts in this post will make reference to offline advertising and online advertising, how they can work together when they are done right!

When a company designs and prints several thousand flyers or newspaper ads, or maybe even radio and tv, it should work in conjunction with the Website. It should direct people to the website using specific keywords relevant to your offering, also keywords which are used within your content.

SEO works well when everything blends together, from searches to offline ads, or any other media used to create your leads and develop your customer base.

However, with the exception of someone going to your website and bouncing right away, you want to be able to remarket them somehow. Sometimes this can lead to creating a new landing page after discovery, and having a formula in place to address it in the first place is important too. That formula should be an email subscription-based solution that offers some free information, no cost to the customer, a double opt-in email. This will address the customer’s privacy issues and give them a piece of mind, with a sense of security.

The email newsletter should address what the potential customer came to your site in the first place for. The product or service needs to be focused using relevant search keywords and phrases to your offering. Well-researched keywords can make your sale easier and deliver better customers.

Many people have signed up to an email at some point and got caught up in spam! I know I have and it has been very annoying, not to mention costly to my data, and/or storage.

Comparing Print Media with Online Media

When someone spends thousands of dollars on print advertising, they need an education on the Internet. Today’s day and age you must grasp the concept of where the market is going and be part of it. Old-school thinking is becoming very outdated, stay informed and educated.

People still believe print only, is what they know so they don’t change their thought process. I am sorry to say, but this is Dinosaur Thinking and remember what happened to the dinosaur, they became extinct! Don’t let this happen to you! Get in touch with an SEO Company that can help guide you to success and educate you in the process.

There are many SEO companies around that can help educate you and direct you down the right path. At Tucker Tek, we have chosen to work with SEO Companies ourselves, like The Hoth for most of out Backlinking needs and SEO insights. They are Awesome! With that being said, having the information as an SEO company makes for better-informed decision-making process, while educating your customer.

Providing your customers with a better education will not only help you retain that customer but will keep them informed.

Print advertising still works, but it needs to direct people to your online business information correctly. Ignoring how the internet is intertwined with your business information can be detrimental, educated decisions should be in place. To rank on the Internet today, you need quality content, great keywords, and an engaging attitude. This will bring your customer closer!

Internet Advertising can easily be recovered when targeted correctly, saving headaches down the road. Print Advertising costs are not so easy to recover when you send out thousands of flyers. Focusing on your customer is the best way to recover your costs, otherwise, you are throwing money away.

Prior to founding Tucker Tek, Tom served clients as both Principal Technologist and Business Development Architect in diverse business sectors that included; Courier/Transportation industry, Building Construction, Online bid sites for independent programmers, Online Business Directories, ISP Development, Hosting and Gaming sites.

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